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MIRM Profile: Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan, MIRM, CMP, has quite a history with the National Sales and Marketing Council, and has been a MIRM for decades. Find out how this principal with John Burns Real Estate Consulting got into MC-ing The Nationals Awards gala MC finds the fun in his MIRM designation.

What made you decide to earn your MIRM?

I was introduced to the concept of becoming a MIRM back in the mid 1980s.  I was working for Sandy Goodkin and he introduced me to Lester Goodman and Mike Hixson who were teaching the MIRM program in southern California.  Sandy was one of the leading market researchers and product conceptualizers of that time and it was his guidance that led me to the program.  After asking him repeatedly how I could learn more about our business, he said something to the effect of “Go MIRM or go home.” 

What were the first perks of becoming a MIRM?

The perks began with the classroom instruction.  For each of the four segments, we attended class once a week for two hours per night over a ten week period.  It was pretty rigorous but fun. We were exposed to industry icons that included Don Bren, John Martin and Dave Stone.  It was a solid addition to my university training.

The perks continued with the people I met in the educational program.  To this day, some of my best friends and longest term clients were my classmates in the program.

What have been the most unexpected benefits of earning your MIRM designation? 

The MIRM designation has a great fraternity of members.  I am impressed by the commitment of my fellow MIRMs and the great skill sets that so many of them have.  The relationships that we have built is the top benefit of being a MIRM.  It is truly a special core of people and they look out for each other.

How did earning your MIRM affect your involvement in SMC both on the local and national level?

Being a MIRM pushed me to get more involved on a national basis.  This has benefited my career and earned me the privilege of industry friends across the country.

How has being a MIRM impacted your career?

This is simple: being a MIRM has helped me in every way by providing “more:”  more industry exposure, more work opportunities and more colleagues.

How did you get into MC-ing The Nationals?

I have been an industry speaker for many years and over time I found that I loved to MC and doing it for The Nationals is such a treat.  I can celebrate our industry and hopefully highlight how dynamic it is.  I am not sure who was ultimately responsible for enlisting me to do The Nationals the first time but I know that Tom Vetter had a big hand in it and Gary Ryness, Jack Haynes and the NAHB staff were terrifically supportive.

Any final thoughts?

I am grateful for all the opportunity that being a MIRM has presented.  I appreciate the ridiculously fun people that are part of  the MIRM program.  And I look forward to being in our industry as we recover and prosper together.

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